Divorce Lawyer Testimonials in Denver

If you are seeking aggressive Denver divorce lawyer representation, then contact divorce lawyer, Robert Biondino, Jr. today. Rob is always on the job to get you the settlement you need and deserve.

Tough and Experienced

“If you don’t have the right representation, you’ll get run over. I recommend Robert Biondino as the toughest, most experienced DUI Lawyer.”
Thanks Rob.
– Adam

I Highly Recommend Robert Biondino Jr.

Rob and his staff are great at what they do! Very impressed with his practice and performance! I like how he really cares about the client unlike other lawyers who just practice assembly line. He thinks outside the box and it is quite evident he is very skilled at building professional relationships on all levels. I highly recommend his firm!

–  Christopher M.

I Could Not Ask for More

Rob has always been mindful of how his performance affects the life of the defendant. He gets the best result for the client – by either going to trial or persuading the D.A to see the evidence accurately. Rob cares about the outcome – unlike other lawyers who practice assembly line law.

–  Linda S.

Professionalism and Responsive

Very good lawyer who took good care of me. Couldn’t have asked for a more professional firm to work with! He also won a criminal case for me. If you want an aggressive attorney to handle your case this is the man for you.

–  Michael Winter

I Will Continue to Refer Robert

A real down to earth lawyer that walks you through the steps of what he is doing for you. He uses language that you can understand if you are familiar with court proceedings. Will use and continue to refer.

–  Phoebe J

The Best

Compassionate and intelligent. The best in town!

–  John J.

Right Man for the Job

I called the office of Mr. Biondino for a custody case issue. He and Linda filed a motion and the issue was dismissed immediately, I didn’t even step have to in the court room. If you want your issue handled correctly Mr. Biondino is the right man for the job.

–  Brittiany S.

Great Job

I hired Rob for my divorce and it went smooth and painless. Very wonderful experience and I’ll refer anyone to him. Great job

–  Nicole P.

Best in Denver

Rob is the best legal bulldog in Denver! I have used Rob through 2 different cases over the years. One case ended in acquittal and the other ended in a much better deal than I could have got myself. The moment the prosecutor opened the court room doors he says “Robby my man!” They chatted and started cutting deals immediately. I have had 2 different cases with him and recommend him to all my friends!

–  Jeff G.

Faith in Biondino

I’ve used Biondino law firm twice and each time I’ve put my trust and faith in their hands I’ve came out on top I wouldn’t hesitate to call on them if I ever needed them again.

–  Abran M.

They are the Best

I was so impressed by the respect we received in the courtroom .
The Biondino team has obviously been working with these DA’s and judges for many years and it shows . I am so thankful to have had someone so experienced fighting their hardest to protect me and my interests .
I was so nervous at the start of my case and after my 1st meeting with Rob and the team , I knew I was in good hands and they made me feel like family .
I’ve used them more than once for various issues and I’ve felt like we won every single time .
These people are here to keep us well represented , they are the best , and they get positive results … PERIOD.

–  Matt M.

Very Responsive

Great communication from the entire team.

–  Stepheni B.

Best Firm Denver

Best law firm in Denver if you have a problem Robert should be your first call

–  David A.

Honest Team

Rob and his staff are the best. Hard working, professional, and honest.

–  Chris C.

Great Denver Attorney

All staff is amazing. Mr. Biondino is a great attorney and fights for his clients.

–  Trisha G.

Fair Billing, Hire Him!

I came to Rob in a mess of a divorce. Two littles, stay at home Mom for over 5 years. The divorce took its ups and downs and he had my back. Shannon, his paralegal is his best asset. She knows the law, she knows my case and I felt relieved with every conversation. Rob and his paralegal check in with us to ensure we are ok to this day and there’s no way I could ever thank him for his hard work. Hire him. Fair billing and he’s about as up front as they come ( plus you get Shannon, and she’s the best)

–  Brittany C.

Worth Every Penny!

I’m so relieved and grateful that I hired Mr. Biondino. He was so quick to dive into the issues of my arrest. I never thought I’d be in the situation that I was in so it was all completely overwhelming. However, Rob took the case to court and walked me through every little step of the process. It’s almost like he could tell the future, as everything he said would happen, happened. He is so powerful and aggressive in his defense and you can tell he knows the law like the back of his hand. He got me out of a very bad situation and I THANK GOD I called him.

–  Sean

Great Communication

Mr. Biondino was the best choice I ever made in my case. He was professional and brutally honest about all aspects of my case. His office communicated well, addressed my concerns, and helped me make the best choice for my situation. I would use him again and recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.

–  Anonymous

What I Expected

Rob and his staff were very helpful in my situation. The resolution was what I had expected from a lawyer. Thank you for all your help.

–  Frank S.

Outstanding Job

Mr. Biondino represented my daughter in a juvenile case. He not only did an outstanding job, but was very influential in talking to her and working with her to change some behaviors. Although his record is AMAZING, he cares about the ENTIRE outcome, not just his record, but the people he represents.

–  Angie

Best Attorney I’ve Ever Had!

My case left me with a lot of stress, questions and uncertainty. I contacted a few law firms before I finally contacted Robert Biondino. He was very prompt and professional. When I went to visit him at his office for further consultation the atmosphere and the way I was greeted me made feel like a very important client. He took consideration for my situation and the time to answer all of my questions. After the meeting I decided to hire him for my case and have not had any regrets thus far. He contacts me as needed and get back to me very quickly if I have any questions. Everything since then has been smooth and it’s great to have all that stress alleviated off my shoulders.

–  Rondre M.

Respect in the Courtroom

I was facing a habitual charge for DV in Adam’s Cty and a class 4 felony. I was wrongly accused and alot of other attorneys didn’t want to help me because of my past. Rob took the case and was never afraid of going to trial. He and his staff worked diligently and efficiently to prepare for my trial which didn’t have to happen thanks to Rob’s experience and “never back down” attitude. He also recommended a Therapist to me that I see weekly. Rob not only kept me out of jail, he saved my family and business!! I cannot say enough good about this man and his staff!

– Bryson

Easier with Rob

RB is currently working my divorce case, and my kids and I would be in a terrible place if we didn’t have him. Being a stay at home Mother is tough enough when you leave your spouse, and Rob has made sure the kids and I are taken care of and ok every step of the way. He’s a great attorney to have in your corner and a great man/person all together. I’d be a mess without him!

– Anonymous

Expert Legal Representation

I went to Rob following my arrest on a completely bogus misdemeanor DV charge. Rob approached the case with the tactical acumen of a seasoned trial lawyer. He played our cards close to the vest when necessary, and then laid out the hand at trial, completely blowing up the prosecution’s laughable case. Rob expertly impeached each witness and proved that the entire case was fabricated and fraught with missteps by law enforcement and prosecutors. The bottom line is that the guy is predetermined to be guilty and usually goes to jail. A good attorney will flip that dynamic on it’s head, embarrass the arresting officers, embarrass the prosecutor, destroy the lies told by a malicious “witness”, identify possible misconduct by them all, and do all of this while in the court room of the unabashedly prosecutor-friendly judge, Amy Bockman. Rob was aggressive in the areas he needed to be, and diplomatic when it better served the case. I would hire Rob again, although I’d much prefer it never be necessary.

– Anonymous

Expertise in Financials

I’m a senior citizen, and spent a lifetime working and saving. When my wife wanted a divorce she wanted everything we had accumulated. Rob saved me by understanding how to fairly calculate investment values, and how to sever what should NOT be shared by a spouse. I could not have ended up so well without Rob’s attention to my case.

– Sonny

A True Fighter

Rob has helped me, my brother, my dad and my sister over the years in criminal, traffic, domestic and other matters. In all cases, Rob has proven time and time again to be a fighter and protector of those he represents. Rob will always be my first call, and if my issue is out of his area of expertise, I would go with who he recommends. a great guy, fantastic lawyer and unbeatable for the price. The office staff is kind and helpful as well. You will not be disappointed with this guy!

– Angela

Divorce Representation Review

I recommend Robert highly. he was the only attorney I worked with that not only showed true compassion and commitment, but also immense conviction and expertise. He worked tirelessly to enable me to obtain final closure after 3 years of repeated attempts by my ex to drain me more financially as well as not living up to his parental financial responsibilities.

Robert was extremely fair and expeditious. I wish I would have found him initially, as he would have prevented much unnecessary emotional pain and financial expenditures.

I’m feel so blessed to have been able to work with him and we have remained friends to this day.

– Christina

Awesome Attorney

Rob is a great lawyer and knows what he is doing. I hired him to help me out in a white collar crime and they had threatened with at least a year in jail but Rob helped me out. If you ever need an attorney or find yourself in trouble call him.

– Proven Innocent by Rob

Exceptional Service

Exceptional Service, Greatly appreciate all his efforts and due diligence, exceeded all my expectations

– Alfonso S.

Fast Representation

I would recommend to my family and friends. Good, fast representation!

– Justin O.

Professionalism, Responsiveness

Rob is great!
He was able to fit me in the next day for a consultation. Confident, communicative and trustworthy. He educated me on what to expect and was able to achieve the best outcome.

–  Latika Abeyta

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I came to Rob for help with a very difficult situation. Honestly, after my initial consultation with Rob, I knew he was the man and attorney you pray to have represent you. Rob is a straight shooter and helped guide me through this crisis. His professionalism and knowledge of law is extraordinary. I am extremely fortunate and feel privileged to have had Biondino represent me. He literally got me the best possible outcome for my situation and I am so grateful. Through our time together on this case I can truly say I learned a lot and I am proud to call Rob a friend. Thank you bro you really saved my life!

–  Gabriel C

Professionalism,  Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Robert Biondino is awesome !! Attorney !! That knows his stuff. He keeps you in the loop of your case and has a open door policy..on reaching him at any given moment with questions you may have. I had two cases done by him that turned out in my favor. He is amazing and has a great know how about what options you may be facing I felt safe with him representing me. I would refer him to anyone who may be going through a tuff period. To make things easier in your life whatever your case maybe, he as the Answers!:)..

– Iris Hannah

No Longer Facing 8 Years in Prison

He won my brother’s case when he was looking at 8 yrs in prison and got my brother 9 months probation on a DV case.

– Jeremy Flores

Big Help to Me and My Family

Just wanted to say he was a big help for me and my family I had him for civil court and court court and he push the issue to get me what I wanted I wouldn’t want nobody else besides Rob he a beast when the time comes

– Joe Flores

Straight Forward

Rob and his team were amazing! Very easy to speak with. Straight forward, no nonsense, responsive, highly effective and a fighter! He got the case dismissed for us in less than 4 months! The previous ‘lawyer’ took over 18 months to get a ridiculous plea deal that we thankfully didn’t accept. If it hadn’t been for Rob, our family would have been torn apart. You’re amazing!!! Highly recommend!

– Leah D

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Rob and his team are outstanding. I highly recommend them for any counsel needs.

– Harrison Malone

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I just want to say i appreciate all of these peoples hard work! Shout out to Rob and Jessie for helping me out in a pinch. Rob, the lawyer that gets the job done 💪🏻

– Damian Martinez

Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I am so happy to have had Robby Biondino Jr. for legal counsel and representation. His Level of expertise with DUI cases along with his highly effective strategy and a willingness to go above and beyond, resulted in an extremely positive outcome. I’ve gone from feeling trapped in an endless dark tunnel to feeling that I get to write the next chapter of my life with much light at the end of that tunnel.
Thank you Robby for helping me get my life back!

– Robert Frechette

Quality, Responsiveness

Biondino Law Firm is 2nd to none. Very professional and assertive. When he feels you are in the right, he does not hesitate to step up. He is up front and I would recommend him to anyone searching for a top notch attorney.

– Frank Najera

Rob is Amazing

ROB!!!!!!!! Is for the people, very honest and upfront with everything. Easy to work with and will go to bat for you. This guy is amazing, I am forever grateful for what you did for me. You are truly the best. If you need legal representation this is your guy!

– Eduardo Holguin

Attentive to My Divorce

Best attorney I had he fought for me and I couldn’t of asked for a better person to defend me in court, Rob worked his butt off for me

– Michelle Cowan


I have never been in trouble with the law so we I got hit with some bogus charges I hired Robert Biondino to represent me.. He fought hard for me and helped ease my mind thru the entire process! He and his amazing team worked hard and took care of me! Robert got my case dismissed as well as some other bogus charges for violating the protection order, no classes to take and record sealed! If you are looking for a lawyer that will work hard for you choose Robert Biondino! He is the BEST lawyer in town!! I will definitely be referring anyone I know to him!!!

– Jennifer Sims

True Pro

Rob is a quality person. He is very dedicated to his work and it shows. If you want someone who will take the time on your situation and push for the best results. He is the guy for the job.

– Stephen Ramirez

Professionalism, Quality, Value

Robby Biondino is as advertised help me through a difficult time treated me like family! Rob’s firm is the best of the best. I am most grateful!

– Job Moralez

Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value

I highly recommend their services!! Cameron and Heather were assigned to both of my criminal cases, and did an amazing job. I stayed out of jail, and will finally have my freedom back. I really can’t thank them enough!

– Daisy Josephine

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

He took my case and has done a great job in getting what I wanted for the best possible outcome! Highly recommend him!

– Michael Bonello

Professionalism, Responsiveness

I got charged with a D.V. In October 2020. Mr. Biondino went above and beyond in my case in Jefferson County!
He got the charges dismissed ! If you want a attorney that lays down the the law he’s definitely your guy !!
Thanks for everything sir I truly appreciate your help!!!

– Nick Chavez


Rob with above and beyond with my case. He will definitely work with you if you’re having a hard time with your payments. I was working with his associate Heather Mitchell. She is very smart and knows how to address the court with the right questions for my criminal and family law case. If I could go back I would have chosen this firm to begin with. The staff is excellent and they will fight for you whatever way possible. If you’re looking for a lawyer that will fight for you and keep it real, straightforward. I would highly suggest going with Rob or Heather.

– Danny

Quality, Responsiveness

I had a probation revocation that wasn’t going my way, and was actually messed up by a previous attorney. Rob and his staff swooped in and saved the day though, and successfully defeated my revocation complaint in only two months time! Highly recommend Robby!!

– Jason Landers


Rob is the man! He is a winner and has helped me twice now. I wouldn’t want to be in any other hands.

– William Kayton

Quality and Value

Rob and his staff are fantastic. I would recommend his services to anyone! Above and beyond.

– Robert Byers

Quality, Responsiveness

Best in the game!!

– Les Fills

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

I Would Recommend Rob Biondino to any body Looking for a Attorney. Rob and His staff will take care of you as if you were Family.
Rob will treat you like a friend Not a Client.
Damn Good at what he does. Thanks Rob and Staff Love you guys

– Dwight Esquibel

Will Continue to Refer

A real down to earth lawyer that walks you through the steps of what he is doing for you. He uses language that you can understand if you are familiar with court proceedings. Will use and continue to refer.

– Lady Jones