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Colorado Divorce Law

Leading Denver Divorce Attorney, Robby Biondino, proudly represents the rights, and financial freedoms of anyone in a divorce situation.

hammerC. Robert Biondino has been practicing law in the state of Colorado for over 15 years. With years of experience with Colorado cases, Rob has the litigation background and the trial experience to defend your legal rights in court.

Finding a divorce lawyer during this trying time is never easy but with Robert’s compassionate representation you can rest assured that your case will be handled with just and professional expertise. Choosing the right divorce lawyer is the key to success and with the appropriate skills you will be on your way to simplifying this process.

Robert Biondino has the qualifications necessary to rightfully represent your case!

  • When choosing a divorce lawyer keep in mind that you should meet with them prior to making the decision. Unlike Robert, most lawyers will not put their all into a case. A divorce lawyer is your legal representation in this difficult time – and the person who will help you navigate the laws of the state, Colorado in this instance, with expertise and knowledge. In Colorado, for example, property and debt settlements are awarded through equitable distribution based on what is fair for both partners.  Taking the time to meet with your lawyer prior to the case and being aware of what steps will be taken throughout your case is a must!
  • Robert will take care of your case – regardless of the terms of your divorce. Typically in a divorce, men and women tend to have different needs to settle during a case. Whether it be the woman not taken advantage of by the spouse or fair treatment in regards to custody and visitation rights for the male, Robert is versatile and can remedy your delicate situation. Alimony, for example, or spousal support, in Colorado is only awarded when the party requesting the alimony lacks sufficient property to provide for their needs or has a child under their custody and cannot or should not work outside the home. With a multitude of cases to base his experience upon, he can provide you with the results you deserve.
  • A divorce lawyer should always have your family’s best interest at heart. During child custody disputes or arguments over monetary settlements among partners, a divorce attorney should be able to manage the situation and reach agreeable terms for the client. Robert will not only manage for you, but will also take you thought all the steps necessary to ease the transition. Child custody, in Colorado, requires a mandatory parenting class prior to the annulment of the marriage and absolutely no preference is given to either parent.  When it comes to child support, custody, alimony and property, Robert will fight for you and guide you along the path that will lead you to what you deserve .