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Marriage in legal terminology is a contract between man, woman and the state to which they belong. Although one does not require any approval from the state to live separately, your legal status as man and wife can only be ended through the process of divorce. When one files a Colorado divorce petition in the state court, the court legally declares the marriage as null and void by approving it. Besides, it also makes a crucial decision related to a child’s custody; individual’s right on property and in the case of women, payment of alimony is also finalized. Many times a Colorado Child Custody Lawyer is involved.

If you are looking for an aggressive Denver child custody attorney, then no need to look any further. Every state has its own set of rules and guidelines related to divorce, alimony, child support and property. Colorado is no exception to this. The life of a woman changes drastically after divorce but this does not become the basis for structuring laws related to child custody or visitation. (This can be explained further by a Colorado Child Custody Lawyer). It is going to be extremely important to find representation that will protect your rights and get the outcomes you need and deserve.

Let’s look at the parenting laws prevailing in Colorado. Child custody in Colorado has been divided into two parts: parental decision making and parenting time.

While parental decision making powers are equally entrusted among both the parents in Colorado, these decisions cover aspects related to a child’s education, his health and other vital areas.

Parenting time on the other hand, refers to the ratio of time that the child spends with his divorced parents. Initially the term visitation was in use but in due course this term has been completely removed from Colorado laws and has been substituted by the term ‘Parenting’. According to the general practice that is being followed in the state of Colorado, the child will spend maximum time with his primary care parent (parent in whose custody the child stays). However, parenting time is not equally divided among the parents. It is determined only after taking the child’s interests into consideration.

Defending against aggressive Child Custody Lawyer in Denver, CO

This is why it’s important (especially as a woman) to have representation from an aggressive, experienced divorce lawyers Denver Colorado Child Custody Lawyer. The Law Office of C. Robert Biondino, Jr. has been defending the child custody rights of women in Denver and Colorado for over 15 years. As an experienced litigator, Robert Biondino can protect your rights in the court of law. Rob will not allow your husband or his lawyer to push you around or intimidate you. When you choose the Biondino Law Firm as your Colorado Child Custody Lawyer, you get the guidance and experience of one of Colorado’s Top Attorneys.

Modification of Parenting Time & Child Support

Now that the paperwork is signed and approved by the court, the case is done, right? Not really! The final orders can be modified, and for many reasons. Most importantly, fraud or concealment on the part of the “other” spouse can lead to a reopening of the case, so that property division can be re-divided. In addition, fraud can lead to modifications to maintenance and/or child support as well.  IF YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN DEFRAUDED, CALL ME IMMEDIATELY AT 303-931-5516, AS YOUR CLOCK IS RUNNING FOR HOW LONG YOU HAVE TO CHALLENGE THE VALIDITY OF THE ORDERS.

You may have many questions about modification of court orders. As experienced Denver divorce lawyers, we can address your concerns and explore options for revising court orders that will better fit your current situation.

Reasons supporting such a change in spousal support and/or child support include:

  • Change in income
  • Change in living conditions for either yourself, or the “other” spouse
  • Change in financial needs of the child
  • The “other” spouse not abiding by the decree
  • Abuse
  • Remarriage of a spouse
  • Salary raise or decrease
  • Loss of a job by either party
  • Drug abuse, alcohol abuse, sex addictions or wellness issues
  • Criminal conduct on the part of either party
  • Parental alienation
  • Poor parenting

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